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What's JahitCare+


We at BolehJahit always prioritize our customers, here to provide the best product support and sewing machine training and after-sales service to our end-users.


Any purchase of Sewing Machine, Cutting Machine, Embroidery Machine at BolehJahit Outlets, www.BolehJahit.com website, or Any marketplace with JahitCare+ Package are entitled to special support and after-sales services.


What are the Benefits of having a JahitCare+ Package:

  1. One year Unlimited In-house Product Training at our outlet @ VIVAHome Shopping Mall.
  2. Trade-in allowed on your next upgrade with a better buy-in price
  3. Online support for troubleshooting (WhatsApp only)
  4. Unlimited products knowledge sharing and consultation (Online and walk-in)
  5. Enjoy special discount on Haberdashers and exclusive free gifts


JahitCare+ Q&A 


1. How to use Unlimited In-house Product Training?


1.1) Make an appointment:

WhatsApp or call us at +6011-1199-1328 to learn or revise the operation of the sewing machine that you bought with us


1.2) Product Training includes:

         + Basic Operation of the sewing machine
         + Usage of included accessories that comes with the machine
         + Usage of optional footers that you have purchased


1.3) Duration:

Machine models


Home Sewing Machines / Industrial Sewing Machines

15-30 mins

Overlock / Serger 

15-30 mins

Sewing & Embroidery Machines 

60-90 mins


2. How does Trade-in work and benefit you and mother nature?


2.1) If in case you bought your first sewing machine under JahitCare+ packages from us, on your next upgrade you may get a high trade-in value for your old machine (valuation based on machine condition), or we will offer you a better discount on your new sewing machine


2.2) If in case your sewing machine is fully damaged, we will help you discard it in a proper way that helps mother nature and will compensate you with trade-in value based on your new purchase model


2.3) By doing trade-in you are indirectly helping mother nature to bring down one-time usage waste, we will help you to discard, reuse parts or resell to a new owner in a fully serviced condition (If usable)


3. How does Online support for troubleshooting (WhatsApp only) works?


3.1) Troubleshooting will be done via Phone/WhatsApp call, or  video/photo reference through WhatsApp 


3.2) If the problem persists, highly recommended to look for a professional technician near your area or bring to our outlet for face to face to consultation.


4. How does products knowledge sharing and consultation via (online / walk-in) benefits you?


4.1) Consultation for sewing solutions is very important, how we could help you?


Let us know what kind of problems you face while sewing on different fabrics and your desired outcome. We will source the best solution for you and share our opinions/suggestions. At the same time, we will also supply you with the necessary accessories and solutions to let your sewing achieve the best results.


Includes 365 days of free consulting, in-house training at www.BolehJahit.com, after-sales services upon purchase of new sewing machines with Boleh Jahit store aka SewSol Sdn Bhd


5. Why do you need to be covered by JahitCare+?


5.1) Sewing Machines & Industrial Lockstitch Machines: 


There are a few factors that will affect the outcome of your sewing, including the preparation & cutting of your fabrics, proper usage of the machine, appropriate usage of footers and needles. JahitCare+ will provide you with the knowledge you need as you start on your sewing journey. 


Consult us whenever you are having stitches issues or machine faults. We can also advise you on the footers for the stitch pattern you would like to achieve + 1 to 1 demo on the installation and usage of the different footers. 


We will guide you on the correct way of using the machine with suitable threads, bobbins, parts to make your sewing experience enjoyable.


5.2) Embroidery Machines & ScanNCut Machine:

We provide the best embroidery knowledge and create the impossibilities of an embroidery machine. The difficulty of attaining the desired embroidery outcome is not about the machine function, it is about the application of different use of stabilizers, thread, needles. These are challenging for beginners without any embroidery knowledge. This is why we provide JahitCare+ to take care of and eliminate your queries. 


At any time if you need to know how to get the desired result for your embroidery, you can visit us with your samples. We will be able to share our opinion, suggestions and also supply you with the accessories and solutions to achieve your desired embroidery result. We carry a wide range of GUNOLD embroidery stabilizers, threads, needles to suit your embroidery needs. 


As for the ScanNCut machine, JahitCare+ provides the research on the materials that you want to cut or draw, bring your materials and we shall use our demo set and CanvasWorkspace. We have a team to try different methods and at the end of the day, we will show you the best solution.


5.3) Overlock Machine / Serger:

Threading and tension adjustments for overlock/sergers can be a headache and cause frustrations. Through our product training, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge needed to handle the sewing machine.


We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Shop your next sewing machine with JahitCare+